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Message from UKAEA STEP Community Event June 14th

Message from UKAEA STEP Community Event June 14th

Next community event - Gainsborough at the Trinity Arts Centre on Wednesday 14 June.

The doors will be open to the public from 3-7pm, but we'd like to extend a special invite to you, to our preview session between 2-3pm.

We'll be having our usual pop along to meet the team and find out more about the STEP programme session, but we will also be showcasing the very first, very draft master plan. The masterplan shows our initial thoughts on the layout of the site as it develops in the decades ahead, and we really want your views and area knowledge to help inform these plans going forward.

In addition, we'll be making use of the auditorium, and our STEP technical team will be leading a couple of what is fusion and why it is different to fission live and interactive sessions where they'll talk through the process and answer any questions.

We'll also be holding a session on future supplier opportunities and timeframes with our strategic procurement lead for any companies who'd like to come along to find out more on that.

And finally, we're planning on closing the session with our 'STARMAKERS: the Energy of Tomorrow' film - a documentary following the lives of the engineers and scientists working at the Joint European Torus (JET) as they overcome many challenges in their attempt to achieve a world record in sustained fusion energy.

We have attached a poster which we're happy for you to use as you wish – feel free to share or pop on social media channels.

The outline of the day is as follows:

Doors open for the preview session 2-3pm.

Doors open to the public 3-7pm.

Live in the auditorium

3.30pm: What is fusion - live & interactive

4.30pm: Future supplier opportunities and timeframes

5.15pm: What is fusion - live & interactive

6pm: 'STARMAKERS: the Energy of Tomorrow' film

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