Cash scam

UPDATE: Message from the police - It would be prudent not to engage with these individuals but if you do, or witness this type of activity taking place whilst passing, it would be best practice to contact the control room on 999, reporting, where possible, the location of the vehicle, the vrm of the vehicle and a facing direction, or direction of travel if the vehicle should leave. As always, please do NOT put yourself at risk in collating this information. The reason for the call to be a 999 one is that these persons do not usually stay at one location for any significant time.

A regular visitor to North Wheatley was flagged down on his way to Clarborough by two large Eastern European / Asian men who told him their car, a Silver Audi was out of fuel and they were on their way to Scotland to visit a sick relative. They asked him for a lift to the nearest cash point, he gave them a lift to Spar but they said the machine wasn't working could he take them to town and give them cash from his account in exchange for jewellery. Obviously by this time he was becoming very suspicious and felt intimidated. He said no and drive away. They followed him in the car they said had no fuel and caught up with him at the market place. He directed them to the police station and quickly left. Please be careful and report any suspicious incidents to the police on 101. This type of crime is sadly country wide and is now happening in our community.

Posted: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 16:31 by Admin

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